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Foreign trade

Supplier city is an expert in working together to provide the best service in customs issues, our clients improve customs clearance processes including logistics, legal procedures, certifications, and of course the Foreign trade operations without errors. The foregoing should translate into improving times, avoiding fines and unnecessary expenses without making mistakes, increasing the competitiveness of each company immersed in foreign trade.

"We are experts in working together and managing everything from material transportation, transportation management, and storage in our warehouse."

Foreign trade

Advantages of land, air and sea transport.

He merchandise transports has become a first order necessity, above all, in the face of a global economy that does not stop trying to make commercial borders disappear. However, Depending on the merchandise, the means of land, air and sea transport have one utility or another.

Ground transportation.

Ground transportation is the most used alternative in short distances. Above all, used in developed countries, which have well-adapted infrastructures for road transport.

Air Transport.

air transportation It has grown a lot in recent years. This growth is due as a direct consequence of the globalization of economic flows and the emergence of certain economies of scale. air transportation is the most expensive of the three alternatives presented. Still, it's a good alternative for the urgent courier delivery, luxury items or health and pharmaceutical products.

Marine transport.

Maritime transport is, today, the most used option for the international transport of goods. The figures prove it, the traffic of merchandise by sea has grown by 6.7% during the first half of 2017 and has been increasing over the years. The agreements established between the countries on the two shores of the Pacific Ocean have had a decisive influence on this spectacular drive. Generally, In maritime transport, dry, non-perishable goods that do not imply urgent consumption are moved. Far different from the other alternatives, It is the most economical way.

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