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Anti-Corruption Policies

Supplier City SA de CV


ANDestablish that all activity carried out in our company or on behalf of it, is based on ethics and values, condemning corruption, bribery, fraud or any other illegal act that may occur within our production chain.


The scope of application is determined considering each of our employees, representatives, suppliers, distributors, contractors and other business partners in all the locations in which we operate, and they are obliged to understand and put into practice this policy, to publicize that SUPPLIER CITY SA DE CV and the people who work in the company, as well as their business partners, each fight against corruption in their sphere of influence.

We understand corruption as any abuse of power, to obtain some benefit for the company, staff or a third party. Acts of corruption are those omissions or actions through bribery consisting of offering, promising, giving, accepting, requesting or authorizing, directly or indirectly, any benefit or any type of advantage to make a third party commit illegal conduct, lack of ethics or breaches of trust Bribes can be gifts, loans, securities, entertainment payments, travel, vacations, commission payments or cash or in-kind rewards, job offers, special personal services, or anything else of value, provided to obtain a undue advantage or moral pressure on someone to give such an advantage or influence a decision. Likewise, it is understood as an act of corruption and lack of ethics, the use of the job position for personal enrichment, of a third party or another entity through the improper use of company assets or resources.

This policy aims to prevent unethical conduct such as bribery, collusion, facilitation payments, fraud, extortion, illicit enrichment, influence peddling, the use of false or privileged information, and money laundering, among others. These actions are prohibited and constitute crimes, therefore SUPPLIER CITY SA DE CV prohibits any attempt to carry out, assist or hide acts of corruption, regardless of whether a benefit is obtained or not.


Offer, pay, promise, authorize payment or receive, directly or indirectly, money, gifts or services from or to any public servant, staff of our clients or third parties, in order to obtain an advantage or influence a decision throughout our value chain.
Accepting or offering any service, entertainment, money, valuables, travel expenses, lodging or meals whose value is inappropriate or which do not bear the Company logo, from or to a public servant, supplier, distributor, personnel of our clients or another party concerned or perform some type of act or activity that can be interpreted as an incentive to influence a decision or obtain an advantage. The acceptance of meals and other types of hospitality are considered normal and are not considered to influence a person's decisions. Giving or receiving gifts, meals, or entertainment may be acceptable as long as there is no expectation that the person who received the benefit will reciprocate in exchange for that care. These courtesies must be previously reported and authorized by your hierarchical supervisor or the Legal Department in case a public servant is involved; and must be reasonable in the circumstances, not excessive and infrequent. If we have any doubts about accepting or giving a meal or gift, we should ask our hierarchical supervisor or consult our Legal Department.
Enter into contracts with consultants, contractors, agents or third parties that could present a bribery risk. Do not negotiate or make payments to third parties if there is any indication that those people may carry out any kind of bribery on our behalf.
Make payments for travel expenses of public servants, staff of our clients or their relatives.
Make donations or make payments to causes or political parties, with Company resources or in the name of SUPPLIER CITY SA DE CV. You may make donations in your personal capacity and in accordance with applicable local laws.
Participate as author, co-author, instigator, accomplice, concealer or in any other way in the commission, attempted commission, association or conspiracy for the commission of any act of corruption.


Adhere to international laws and conventions on the fight against corruption, including the FCPA (anti-corruption law of the United States of America), and the applicable legislation of all the countries in which we operate.
Comply with all financial reporting regulations applicable to the Company, since falsifying our books and accounting records is strictly prohibited and constitutes a crime.
Carry out all negotiations, purchases and financial transactions in accordance with our internal procedures and keep all records thereof to be reviewed in the event of an audit.
Verify that the payments we make or that are made on our behalf are exclusively remuneration for services actually rendered to our Company.
Adopt internal controls and report, if necessary, to the corresponding authorities those cases in which an employee or third party commits an act of corruption.
Promote practices to fight corruption throughout the value chain, train staff on preventive measures and carry out dissemination campaigns.

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