Work together employees, company and client in search of a common goal; implementing innovation, improving process strategies and constant training.


  • Compliance with quality and environmental standards.
  • Efficient in its processes.
  • Constant search for technological innovation.


Being an integral part of the supply chain of our clients, delivering a proposal for a committed, personalized and quality service in each of our processes.

Quality politics

Supplier's City SA de CV is a company committed to meeting its clients' objectives, always seeking to exceed their service expectations.

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The best service for your supply chain.

Whether you need distribution, foreign trade / customs or a complete supply chain solution, Supplier's City can provide you with a customized solution tailored to your needs.

Foreign trade
Ground Cargo
Special services

Materials sequencing

Our processes within the sequencing of materials allow us to effectively respond to the correct delivery of direct materials to the plant line.


At Supplier's City we have an inventory technology that goes beyond traditional warehouse management systems, providing a unified inventory management solution.


Supplier City is taking optimization to a whole new level. It has become a comprehensive and fully integrated program designed to maximize productivity, minimize waste, and above all, reduce cost per unit. Nothing exposes the weak links in your supply chain. And once those weaknesses are identified, we will work to eliminate them through our extensive program that includes the following key components:

  • Solution Engineering

  • High performance teams

  • Supply chain network

  • Logistics

  • Inventories

  • Clientes

  • Reporte de Materiales

Supplier's City

We guarantee an operation
Secure your material

Operation of material attached to its processes.

Supplier's City

What do customers say about us?

  • What has your experience been like working with Supplier's City? - Very good, we have very effective communication in all these years of work.
  • What do you think of our company in aspects such as service, quality, attention (among others)? - Supplier's City has maintained a quality service since the beginning of this project, we always trust that the service will be on time and in shape.
Magna, Sonora Forming Technologies

Overall our experience in working with Supplier City has been a positive one - Great flow of communication, great inventory reports, and great customer product delivery.

Based on the warehouses I've worked with, supplier city's performance is among the best.

Thank you.

Manager - Mexico Region. Viking Products Incorporated
  • What has your experience been like working with Supplier's City? Working with Supplier's City has never been a problem, on the contrary, from the short time I have been here, my impression is that they are a responsible and efficient company in terms of the services they provide.
  • What do you think of our company in aspects such as service, quality, attention (among others)? The service I know is good, the response time is fast and the quality too. Another aspect that seems quite positive to me is that they know where to find efficiencies and this is quite important when it comes to a company that is always looking for better costs.
Logistics Services Buyer. Ford

Supplier's City

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