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Work together employees, company and client in search of a common goal; implementing innovation, improving process strategies and constant training.

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Full range of supply chain services.

At Supplier's City we have the objective of being the first option for services in the market, we have formed a totally professional, committed, personalized and quality service proposal for each of our clients.

We manage processes throughout our work environment and we are in constant search of continuous improvement, we commit quality to 100% in all our services.

Supplier's city implements a set of elements within the material supply chain with an excellent quality of service. The planning and management of projects that we have established within our company, has given us great projects in which Supplier's City manages and implements teams with extensive experience and training in all its departmental areas.

About us?

To meet the needs of the automotive industry, Supplier's City was founded in 2005 in Hermosillo Sonora Mexico specifically located in Dynatech Sur Parque Industrial.

Its specific objective is to serve customers with an integrated supply chain. Supplier's City has expanded its services to various industries.

Teamwork has been the fundamental key to achieving our goals.

Our staff is our most valuable element within the organization. Our professional team develops strategies that will help your company reach its potential in the world trade business. 17 years of experience with a professional career in various areas such as:


I know the service is good, the response time is fast and the quality too. Another aspect that seems quite positive to me is that they know where to find efficiencies and this is quite important when it comes to a company that is always looking for better costs.

Isabel Arteaga

Ford Motor Company

Overall our experience in working with Supplier City has been a positive one - Great flow of communication, great inventory reports, and great customer product delivery.

Based on the warehouses I've worked with, supplier city's performance is among the best.

Thank you.

Richard Perez

Viking Products

Supplier's City has maintained a quality service since the beginning of this project, we always trust that the service will be on time and in good shape.

Mario Quijada

Magna - Sonora Forming

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