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Just-in-time assortment
IT Automotive

The divisions in which TI Automotive is organized are: fluid handling systems (FCS) including Powertrain systems, air conditioning and cooling systems for motors and batteries for electric cars (THERMAL), pumps and module systems (P&M ) and fuel tank systems (TANKS)


Martinrea Internacional is a world leader in the design, development and production of lightweight structures and propulsion systems that respond to current and future solutions for the automotive industry.


Deconsolidation Center / Cross Dock / Receipt and shipment / Transportation / Customs Services / Just in time assortment / Packaging supply
Sonora Forming Technologies

Cosma offers a variety of body, chassis and engineering solutions with robust product engineering, tooling capability and process experience.


All of our application and process technology is aimed at making automotive manufacturing even more efficient, generating better margins for our customers and higher quality products for the end user. It is evident that the products meet the highest standards of reliability and trouble-free application.

Worthington Steelworker

At Serviacero Worthington we specialize in the sale of steel for the automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, and white goods sectors, among others. We have clients in different strategic points of the country as well as in the United States and Canada through our partnership with Worthington Steel, through which we can offer a true solution for all of North America.

global diesel

Diesel Global is a Freight Forwarder, NVOCC Licensee, and CTPAT Certified Logistics Provider specializing in consolidation to/from Mexico and the US. We also provide ocean and air services, customs border processing, and managed logistics services.


Since 1989, Krayden has provided technical expertise as a problem-solving distributor specializing in adhesives, sealants, welds, coatings, specialty chemicals, and solvents. Krayden serves a variety of industries including electronics, aerospace, transportation, solar, general industrial, and OEM and contract manufacturers. Our family of premier lines represent the cutting edge of innovative chemistries that help solve today's engineering challenges.

Hyundai Welding

Hyundai Welding is a world-class welding company that offers the best welding solution to customers by supplying the highest quality welding materials and equipment.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company, better known as Ford, is a multinational company of American origin, specialized in the automotive industry.

Bolton Corporation

Boltun is one of the leading manufacturers of fasteners for the automotive industry, offering a wide product range of bolts, nuts, stampings, auto assembly components, and plastic parts.

Zobele Group

We pride ourselves on being the preferred business partner of leading home, health and personal care brands, offering innovative and cost-effective product solutions.

Arsenal Tire Performance Tech

Arsenal Tire Performance Tech is a leading premium tire and technology company for the underground, open pit and haulage mining segments.

Puma Mining

It is a company that operates mainly in the Mining and Metals sector.

Latelec Groupe Latecoere

Manufacture, reconstruction, assembly and sub-assembly of aerospace equipment.


Global leader in the manufacture of calendered geomembranes.

FCTA Mexico

FCTA Mexico has the best solder paste compared to our competitors, we use custom designed test boards containing simple and complex components that test our solder performance.


We manufacture aluminum alloy wheels for the automotive industry using the latest core and digital technology to cast, cast, heat treat, machine, paint and test our products.

Ling Long Tire

Specialized, technology-oriented, large-scale tire manufacturer with leading products such as passenger car high-performance radial (PCR) tires, light-duty truck (LTR) radial tires, tens of thousands of all-steel radial truck tires and buses (TBR). ) tire specifications.

MacDermid Enthone

Our Performance Materials segment manufactures and markets dynamic chemical solutions used in the electronics, automotive, and oil and gas drilling and production industries. We operate in Europe, America and Asia. Our products include surfacing and coating materials and water-based hydraulic control fluids.


Tsubakimoto Chain invests significant resources in the development of auto parts, such as timing chains and other parts.


As leading companies continue to drive sustainability into their businesses, they are examining every point in their supply chain, including the packaging used to transport their product. Reusable plastic containers, pallets, dunnage and bulk systems improve the flow of product throughout the supply chain, to reduce costs, improve profitability and add sustainability.

Magna Cosma Body & Chasis Systems

Cosma provides an extensive range of body, chassis and engineering solutions to global customers. Through our robust product engineering, exceptional tooling capabilities, and diverse process experience, we continue to bring lightweight, innovative products to market.

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