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Storage Service

We have the best storage service, at Supplier City the care of the materials in our warehouse is of the utmost importance, we have processes specifically designed for the reception of all types of material, from a screw to materials with large dimensions.

Examples of materials that we handle: aerospace, automotive, chemicals, steel, mining equipment, dead stock, robots, fasteners and an endless number of other types of materials.

The processes that we have from its reception are: verification of the material, registration in the inventory system and physical location within our warehouse.

Inventory control

Supplier City has an inventory system called Delmia Apriso through which a record of all operations carried out in our warehouses is kept.

Material handling

He material handling we ensure that parts, raw materials, work-in-process, finished goods and supplies are kept safely, handled with precision and without damaging the material; We have a specialized team with extensive experience in material handling.

Cross Dock (platform crossing)

Looking for the right place to consolidate and deconsolidate your shipments? Supplier City has the cross dock service is the perfect option to take your projects to your end customers, easily, safely and without setbacks.

Outsourced/dedicated warehouse

Are you planning to have a long-term warehouse? We have experience in project planning and design, we have the complete service to provide you with a personalized solution adapted to your needs.

Excess inventory

We have the perfect on-demand solution to meet your space requirements.

Draw area / Rework area / Material packaging

We have areas specifically for the draw, rework and/or packaging of materials.

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