Planning and project management

Planificación y gestión de proyectos

The planning and project management that we have established within our company, has given us great projects thanks to the preparation of our work team, as a result we obtain a quality service to our clients.

At supplier's city we handle various areas such as project engineering, training - development and continuous improvement, project leader, materials logistics, operations and systems; Together these areas play various important roles within any project.

Project planning and management is a discipline for affirming how to carry out a project within a specified period, usually with defined stages. A view of the project planning is divided into:

• Analysis of the project.

• Definition of objectives. 

• Identification of resources.

• Workplan.

• Assessment of results.

From the beginning of a project, roles are assigned to each area. Every project involves carrying out a series of activities for its development; After the activities are assigned to each area, our work team maintains an open line of communication for any detail. Progress of the activities are presented at a certain time with our work team and our client; On the way to the project closure, all the activities are managed individually and in groups, this allows us to make flexible modifications to our information if necessary, at the end together all the areas carry out the final tests to obtain the results desired by our client.

We manage processes, diagrams, guidelines and programs that help us to have a better focus on our final results. In this way we provide an optimal and quality service to our clients.