Lean or Flexible Manufacturing (ALL)

Manufactura esbelta o flexible (LLA)

What is lean manufacturing? It is a set of tools that help us eliminate all operations that do not add value to the product, service and processes, increasing the value of each activity carried out and eliminating what is not required. Reduce waste and improve operations, always based on respect for the worker.

Lean manufacturing was born in Japan. The Flexible Manufacturing or Lean Manufacturing system has been defined as a philosophy of manufacturing excellence, based on:

  • The planned disposal of all types of waste.
  • Respect for the worker: Kaizen.
  • The consistent improvement of Productivity and Quality.

The main objectives of Lean Manufacturing is to implement a Continuous Improvement philosophy that allows us to reduce our costs, improve processes and eliminate waste to increase customer satisfaction and maintain profit margins.

Lean Manufacturing provides our company with tools to survive in a global market that demands higher quality, faster delivery at a lower price and in the required quantity.

In supplier's city we manage lean manufacturing in our environment since with it we have made great positive changes in the management of our services where our clients obtain great results.