We have technology applied to our various areas within our company, mainly in the area of warehouse - operations, sequenced, administrative, accounting, systems and in the area of security.

Warehouse: we operate an inventory system specially designed for warehouses that offers historical and real-time inventory information, our system is very flexible for any material, creating a safe and up-to-date information environment for our clients.

Oversees all warehouse activities, including internal operations (material information, location, locks, zones, quantities, type of material, standards, LP's, FIFO, status), customers, receipt, shipments. offers historical analysis and inventory performance, reports, dashboards and key performance indicators. Warehouse offers reports and analysis, our inventory system is based on any type of material from a small part to large industrial machines, we cover more than 45 indicators, such as inventory accuracy, warehouse utilization and response time reports.

Sequenced: in the material sequence area we manage servers and programs that connect us directly with the client, the information that is transmitted is by means of broadcast that is handled in real time by means of special systems where the data emitted is translated and then arrives to the workstations showing the information of the material to be sequenced (Flexible system for any type of material).

Administrative - Accounting: In our administrative area we have systems that are market leaders, this contributes to the productivity of our company.

Systems: We have all the technological means for a quality service, mainly for our clients and our company.

Security: In the security area we have various technological applications from monitoring cameras in our warehouse and personnel to fire control systems, this makes us a totally safe company in any area.

We have extensive technology that fully meets the needs of our customers