In Supplier's City We have experience, knowledge, processes and tools that together create a quality service. Our processes within material sequencing allow to respond to the correct delivery of direct materials to the plant line.

The material sequencing process consists of Client, Provider and Supplier's City. The client sends the material from his supplier to our warehouse where he is registered, received, located and finally sequenced.

The sequence of materials is given on a par with our client, since the material is requested in our system time before being required at the station. The material is sent in dollies to the plant for later assembly on the production line.

These processes improve the productivity of the company, since it allows to mitigate the logistical complexity that must be handled by the manufacturing company due to the manipulation of a large number of variants in components, materials and the large number of problems that can be generated such as : documentation, supply of material, rejections, engineering changes, delivery time errors, logistical errors, etc.

Without a doubt one of the best options for a manufacturing company that offers millions of combinations of parts in the market.