Foreign trade / customs

Comercio exterior / Aduanas

What is foreign trade?

Foreign trade is one that refers to the set of transactions of a commercial and financial nature, which involves the exchange of goods and services between a particular country with other countries or nations.

In supplier's City we manage a team with extensive experience and training, we have IMMEX certification, Comprehensive Environmental License, Civil Protection, Authorized Economic Operator (OEA).

We handle VMI
(Vendor Management Inventory)
This technique for inventory management is now used as a strategy by exporting companies (Manufacturing, Electronics, Aviation and Automotive sectors); in which its input suppliers are responsible for the optimization and management of inventory until delivery to the exporter's production plant.

What is VMI?
It is the mechanism by which a supplier abroad will be able to maintain its own inventory stock in Mexican territory, which will be used to supply a manufacturing plant for export products that has an IMMEX Industrial.

What is required to provide the VMI service?

  • Efficient electronic communication for the link -information exchange (EDI), generation of ASN's (VAN, FTP, WEB SERVICE).
  • Highly efficient inventory control system that covers production plans and requirements according to purchase orders. Also coordinate FIFO and integrity of the parties.
  • Dynamic space for storage and control of merchandise. Controlled access for transportation, availability of platforms for loading and unloading and handling of departures or shipments just in time.
  • IMMEX of Services (VAT and IEPS Certification, Annex 24 (Inventory Control), Annex 31 (Unloading of exports to the SAT). Management and control of Foreign Trade operations for temporary Imports and Virtual Exports.

Benefits-Advantages offered by VMI for exporting companies:

  • Elimination of administration in maritime and land transport from origin to plant.
  • Elimination of Responsibility in the physical integrity and quality of the merchandise from origin.
  • Elimination of expense in contracting merchandise insurance.
  • Optimization and / or elimination of spaces for storage of supplies or raw materials.
  • Improvement in internal logistics control (Reduction of personnel in warehouses).
  • Reduction in the handling of materials in physical and system.
  • There is no SCRAP.
  • There is no packaging waste.
  • There are no import customs expenses, reduction of administration personnel for foreign trade and supervision of Customs Agents.
  • There is no loss of material.
  • Reduction in quality rejections.
  • Stocked just in time.
  • Inventory reduction.